New generation warm air chambers and Thermo Lignum UK is now ICM® (Integrated Contamination Management)

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Within a context of product and international business development Thermo Lignum UK has joined forces with the leading Benelux multidisciplinary conservation company IPARC (International Platform for Art Research and Conservation). We will continue to offer our services at the same London address under the new name of ICM: Integrated Contamination Management.


Nikolaus Wilke, a trained conservator and managing director at Thermo Lignum UK, will continue working in London and on the continent as partner and International Business Development Director of ICM.

Karen Roux, who founded Thermo Lignum UK 25 years ago and successfully established the technology and the brand in the UK and beyond, will continue to make her experience available by heading the advisory board of ICM.

David Pinniger, renowned museum entomologist, will also be joining the advisory board of ICM with international representation from the industry.

Improved next generation chamber systems

ICM’s latest treatment chamber generation has been improved in various crucial respects. We now use ultrasonic humidification which guarantees a very even distribution of humidity. The ventilation outlet is spread over a large surface integrated in the perforated inner walls of the chamber hull which allows a highly uniform temperature distribution of preconditioned air throughout the treatment. To mitigate the presence of dust, spores and possibly biocidal residues, we equip the new chamber systems with a filter boxes which can take up any filters of choice, be it HEPA or activated carbon. One of our main goals was the reduction of energy consumption compared to the older systems, and we are pleased to say that this decisive ecological criterion has been met.

ICM will continue to serve public clients, such as TATE, V&A and other major British museums, as well as private clients from the service centre at its London address and also offers a full-service package for those who require a large volume of treatments on site as a mobile treatment.


IPARC ( is the leading conservation company in the Benelux servicing museums and collectors with a one stop shop service package around 4 business lines:

  • Restoration-conservation of art works by a multidisciplinary team of masters in conservation for old master paintings, polychromic sculpture, stone objects, furniture, textile, metal, paper and visual media and contemporary art 
  • Research and analysis: the lab provides different types of analyses with multispectral imaging such as X-ray, IRR, UV, Macro-XRF, SEM-EDX and other analyses to authenticate, date and research art works
  • Integrated pest management
  • Preventive conservation and collection services: services such as remote monitoring of climate conditions (Smartcare) and 2000 m² climatized art storage at the facilities near Brussels (bonded warehouse) enable collection owners to execute hassle free collection management.

All services can be offered at the headquarters in Brussels (in the vicinity of the airport) or on site.
IPARC currently employs 21 people.

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